【career hires Non-experience person/ experienced person】

  • The type of jobs

    1,TV program production staff / assistant director (AD) 2. Event staff / event director.

  • Job specifications

    1,program, plan production duties of the picture.
    2,plan administration production duties of the event

  • Qualifications

    20-30yrs old /Educational background no object inexperienced person welcome

  • Career Track

    Contracted employee
    ※we have an appointment system of permanent staff.
    After entering a company, you will take a lecture class. Using by textbooks and Video.
    And then, you will attend as a on the trainee.

  • salary

    It is decided in consideration of experience, ability.
    Term of trial 3 months

  • Salaries・Befits

    commutation allowance(It depends on our rule)
    Holiday: more than a five times a month. There is a changed by program.
    X’mas Vacation,
    Summer Vacation,
    Congratulations or condolence vacation,
    social insurance policies

  • selection

    If you are interested in our company, Please apply from this.
    After paper screening, I contact me from this later.
    ※The adoption is limited to Japanese resident

Recruit Form